Would you like to place some of the videoroutes on your website?

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Would you like to show one of our existing videoroutes to the visitors of your website? Not a problem - it's very simple!

The addition of a videoroute onto your own web:

  • Choose a route that could be of interest to visitors of your website.

  • Contact us, we will fill in the order.

  • We will prepare IFRAME for you, thanks to which you will easily insert the entire route, including language versions, directly into your site.

  • You will enter the IFRAME (code) into the appropriate place on your website.

Price: €250 / year

We will tailor the Iframe for you. We can arrange the elements in the Iframe according to the width of your webpages (video, map, poi, cant ...) so that it is as clear as possible. Part of the Iframe are languages and the ability to switch between them. A specific language can be set as default.

Examples of realized Iframes:


Do you want to add your own POI into the route - restaurant, guesthouse or other establishment? Yes, it can be done!

  • Choose the route into which you want to add your own POI.

  • Send us GPS coordinates, the description and a photo.

  • We will create your POI and add it to the route.

Price: €50 / year


Write to us – we will call you!

petr@livetouring.com, +420 776 200 688 (Petr Tomek)

You can also contact our representative for your region directly  - CONTACT US