Do you want to have your own videoroute made?

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Do you like videoroutes and want to have your own for your city, county, resort, hotel or just for yourself? It's simple - we will be happy to make the videoroute for you!

Number of recorded routes: 380 from 19 countries

What you get by shooting of the route:

  • Promotion of your services or your region by modern technology

  • More visibility of your services or your partners on the route (POI)

  • Unique technology will boost your website - you will get a competitive advantage

  • Your route will be displayed and promoted on and + other travel portals

  • Your route will be shared on FB, and (guaranteed viewing of your route by 5,000 people. Over 65.000 fans)

  • We will invite 60,000 registered tourists from to your route

Implementation of the video route:

  • You choose what you want to shoot, fill in the order form and the description of the route and POI

  • We agree on the terms and conditions of filming

  • The team from arrives and shoots the route in HD-quality with GPS signal

  • We edit the route, upload it to our application, add the POI and description

  • We will translate the route into up to 8 languages ​​- according to your requirements

  • We will send you the route for approval and possible corrections

  • We will display the route on and and promote it by agreement on Facebook and other marketing channels.

  • We will prepare IFRAME for you, which makes it easy for you to insert the entire route including language versions directly onto your website

Basic prices (Europe), including travel costs:

0 km - 15 km: € 900

16 km - 30 km: € 1,500

31 km - 50 km: € 1,900

51 km and more: by agreement (approx. 1km = € 30)

 Ski resort:

from € 800, 5 + 2 (5 slopes, 2 lifts)

Each additional slope: € 100

Each additional lift: € 50

 Golf resort:

9 holes: € 800

18 holes: € 1,500

Races: running, cycling, motor racing and others:

0-22 km: € 800

23-55 km: € 1,500

 Amusement Park / Area (multiple routes in a map: bobsled, nature trail or an amusement park)

0-5 routes: € 800 (up to 5 km per route)

Every other route up to 5 km: € 300

Renting of technology, creating of an IFRAME onto the website, hosting of the video: € 250 / year

Other services:

.... Each route includes 7 POI, each additional costs € 50

.... The possibility of translation of your route and viewing in other languages and translations in the Iframe, the price for all languages: EN, DE, FR, SP, PL, IT, SK, RUS - € 100

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