About us

Livetouring.com was invented, produced and has been operating since spring 2015 by Turistika.cz, Ltd.



The Vision: We create a unique source of information, a databank of experience and practical advice for the occasional and the enthusiastic tourists, travelers and hikers from other tourists and travelers, for even more enjoyment from a journey or a trip, saving money or sparing unpleasant situations and a safe return home from one’s own country or abroad.

Turistika.cz has been operating since 2008 and is now the largest website specialized and dedicated to tourism in the country. Over 800,000 unique visitors a month and 60,000 registered tourists share or look for inspiration for trips in the Czech Republic or abroad.



In 2014 we launched a unique project of videoroutes and in 2015 the website - Livetouring.com


Livetouring.com is a globally unique project to promote tourism and active leisure. Applications Videoroutes displays a video from the route, connected with a map, altitude, gradient and descent and points of interest (POI) that are on the route or in its vicinity. Routes are sorted by location, type, length and difficulty. We have received several professional awards since the establishment of the project.


We keep working on improving of the functionality and manageability to make your experience from the trips and tours even better.